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Vision Ventures

Vision Ventures (VV) is a corporate venture capital firm established in Saudi Arabia and is one of Sahara Net’s Group of companies.
We invest in innovative startups in the seed and early stage helping startups realize their dreams and making a difference.

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Our Vision

We are a young and energetic team that has a wealth of experience in starting companies and steering them to success and growth. Our combined experience spans over 90 years in multiple countries which gave us extensive experience in multi-national, multi-cultural teams. Our Sahara Net group of companies provides for a mature backbone upon which startup companies can benefit from immediate access to a strong customer base, excellent market presence through our 8 offices across the Kingdom and UAE. We are able to provide startups with hands on assistance and guidance on marketing, sales, product/service development, expansion strategy, and more…

Areas of Interest

We have three areas of investment

Cloud and Mobile

This is an area where we have a lot of experience and therefore can provide a great deal of support and guidance to the startups we invest in. Some of the top areas we focus on are:

  • Cloud and SaaS
  • Marketing
  • Gaming
  • Big Data
  • Analytics

Smart Transportation

mobility solutions, aerospace and defense solutions and businesses with technology. This is a very promising area where we see relatively longer term returns with less risk. This area is interesting as we would like to acquire more technology and believe the future is poised for a lot of changes in transportation.

  • Autonomous technologies
  • Drones
  • Military and Defense
  • Aero planes

eCommerce and Cyber Security

and its complete eco-system including logistics, payment, eCommerce platforms and enablement:

  • FinTech
  • ePayments
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics
  • Cyber Security

Investment Strategy

VV invests in early stage Startups specifically in the Seed and Round A. We adapt general VC terms and conditions to invest in Startups either through direct equity or convertible notes. Moreover, we take an active role on the Board to provide further management and operational support to the Startup.

However, we don’t limit ourselves to these specialization areas and keep an open mind about opportunities that add value to our portfolio and create meaningful and value-added synergies.

Readiness of Startup

We are willing to support the startup who has the following criteria:

  • Incorporated

    Incorporated or will be incorporated very soon

  • MVP

    Availability of MVP at least

  • Team

    Prefer to invest in a team

  • Passion

    Founders/Team should be passionate about what they do

  • Full time

    Must be available to the business full time


VV brings to startups a combined team experience of over 90 years in IT, Internet, Cloud, Startups, Investment and M&A. It also brings its wide connections both with potential customers, partners and investors.


Over 90 years of regional and international experience


Support in multiple areas such as Operational, Marketing, Management and more


Access to customers through existing customer base and offices in Saudi Arabia and Dubai


Access to follow-up investments and international markets when needed

Meet Our Team

Kais Al-Essa

Kais Al-Essa

Founding Partner
Haitham Bu-Aisha

Haitham Bu-Aisha

Founding Partner
Mohammed Al-Amad

Mohammed Al-Amad

Managing Partner
El Ghali Cherrat

El Ghali Cherrat

Managing Partner


Sibly Logo

Sibly سبلــي

On a mission to provide accessible, affordable, and effective mental health care for everyone.

تقديم خدمة الدعم والرعاية النفسية عبر تطبيق سهل الاستخدام وبتكلفة بمتناول الجميع


Malaeb مـلاعب

Sports venue booking app and solution enabling friends to play and find teams

ملاعب هو تطبيق اجتماعي للاعبين كرة القدم يساعدك على حجز الملاعب ومشاركة المباريات في مدينتك!

GyroCraft Logo

GyroCraft جايروكرافت

GyroCraft with its brand ArrowCopter the finest gyroplane in the world offering best experience and low maintenance and operational costs

جايروكرافت لتصنيع طائرات الجايرو تحت الإسم التجاري ارو كويتر والتي تتميز بجودة التصنيع العالية وانخفاض تكاليف التشغيل

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Bayzat بيزات

Bayzat is a technology company that provides insurance and HR solutions

شركة تقنية توفر حلول التأمين وإدارة الموارد البشرية


Technology company that provides intelligent recruitment solution and full cycle management

شركة التقنية التي توفر حلول التوظيف الذكية وإدارة دورة التوظيف بالكامل


Revolutionary publishing platform that will rock the Internet.

الاتنرنت كما لم ترها من قبل !


Leading mobile games publisher in MENA.

شركة الألعاب الرائدة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا

The leading automated and outsourced IT Support for companies in the region

الشركة الرائدة لخدمات الدعم الفني للشركات واصلاح الاجهزة بالمنطقة

Leading online car trading service with new car financing in Saudi Arabia.

الخدمة الرائدة لبيع وشراء السيارات المستعملة والجديدة بالاضافة الى خدمة الاقساط بالسعودية

Best platform to easily and quickly build your eCommerce web site

منصة متكاملة لبناء متجر الكتروني ناجح

Empowers small and medium enterprises to utilize the power of video in their marketing and sales efforts

المنصة العربية الأولى لإنتاج الفيديو التسويقي بكل سهولة للجميع

Biggest chalet and camp reservations company in Saudi Arabia

أكبر شركة تأجير شاليهات ومخيمات بالسعودية

Leading smart bus transportation solution

شركة الباصات الذكية للتنقلات اليومية

1st regulated crypto currency exchange in the region.

شركة حصيل لاختياراتكم من الفواكه و الخضروات من افضل المحاصيل

Haseel is the most convenient fresh produce provider in Saudi Arabia.

الخدمة الأفضل لتوصيل الغداء لمكاتبكم يوميا.

Your best choice for lunch delivery at work.

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2nd floor of Al-Dabal Commercial Tower (ACT), Prince Mohammad Street (1st Street), Dammam, Saudi Arabia




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